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TrafficGuard: Clarity Beyond Measure

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Juniper Research forecasts the total loss to mobile ad fraud to reach $87bn by 2022, with one in 10 installs coming from fraudulent sources. In addition to the lost ad spend, there are other costs, such as the revenue that the lost spend would have generated if it wasn’t consumed by invalid traffic (IVT). Also, misattribution has a snowball effect: IVT pollutes performance data, causing higher levels of misattribution of installs and events. These misattributed events inflate the value of the corresponding source not just by one conversion but by all the subsequent events of that converted user, misleading marketers to underinvest in channels that may actually be delivering results. It also leads to misdirection of efforts on factors such as conversion rate optimisation when the very data that guides them is skewed by IVT.

Most advertising verification happens at a single point in the advertising journey, typically at the attribution or impression-level. The problem here is that it leaves other stages exposed to IVT. TrafficGuard is a full-funnel ad measurement, verification and fraud prevention solution, offering real-time protection across impressions, clicks, installs and events. By verifying impressions, clicks and attribution, as they occur, TrafficGuard stops IVT as early as reliably detected. Ad fraud is constantly evolving and increasing in sophistication, making impression-level detection more difficult. The ability to track engagements beyond impression enables TrafficGuard to mitigate sophisticated IVT that evades early-stage detection, protecting the integrity of performance data.
Media spend is often distributed across a number of channels, each with its own measurement tool. But since TrafficGuard protects a range of campaign types, including CPI, CPE, CPM, PPC, etc., across search, performance and programmatic channels, businesses are equipped with comprehensive intelligence from across their advertising all in one place.

In the 12 months leading up to the submission of its entry, TrafficGuard had verified around 56bn transactions and invalidated over 9bn of them. Users of the solution include Ladbrokes, FindHotel, LeoVegas and LATAM super-app Rappi.

Rappi was faced with a number of challenges, including high and volatile click volumes; low conversion rates; and a growth team spending 30 per cent of its time on manual processes like install volume reconciliation for campaign optimisation. Since deploying TrafficGuard, an average of 25 per cent of clicks have been invalidated, with peaks of up to 40 per cent. Automated IVT prevention saves 30 per cent of time previously spent on manual analysis and install volume reconciliations. And advertising ROI has improved by 25 per cent. Additionally, the increase in genuine clicks has improved the conversion rate.

In a battle against an ever-evolving, sophisticated enemy, TrafficGuard is helping advertisers, agencies and the ad networks and partners they work with, fight a good fight.

Judges’ View: “A brilliant, holistic, comprehensive solution that reacts dynamically to the equally dynamic bad actors it is fighting against.”


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TrafficGuard – TrafficGuard: Clarity Beyond Measure

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