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S'More and MoEngage -Operation Personalization & App Engagement

Campaign Overview

S’More styles itself the “anti-superficial dating app”. On first use, the user’s photo is hidden. The more users interact with each other, the more they learn and bond, and over time, a user’s photo is revealed. S’More is the first dating app to create what they call 3D profiles. They show a three-dimensional version of who the user is: hear a person’s voice, listen to the user’s favourite music, and interact with their favourite things. On S’More, users are matched based on deeper attributes, instead of simply looks.

With more than 300,000 users on the app, S’More needed a way to build better relationships with their customers through improved onboarding and re-engagement campaigns. It turned to MoEngage’s AI-based customer engagement platform to ensure that the app is sending the right message to the right user at the right time, in order to drive them back to the app, get them to chat with others, and have fun meeting new people.

MoEngage achieves this by organizing S’More users into specific cohorts based on their behaviours and preferences in the app. MoEngage’s platform offers many different cohort choices, so brands can choose the right cohort analysis that fits their specific business needs. Using this feature, S’More was able to more accurately measure retention and engagement, and understand how they had changed over time.

For example, a new S’More user receives a different message than a user who has been on the app for a few months. The perfect time to build deep relationships with users is when they first open the app. Armed with the most accurate, real-time information about users, S’More can win their undivided attention through in-app messages that resonate with them.

If a user isn’t having much success with finding a match, MoEngage’s data-driven platform will identify which users are likely to churn soon. Using AI-based predictive customer engagement technology, MoEngage can send them a unique message suggesting ways for them to improve their chances, such as adding voice to their profile or purchasing a “Spotlight” that will push their profile to the top of the search results.

To drive engagement, the S’More marketing team enhanced customer onboarding and personalized communications across multiple communication channels, including push notifications, emails, and SMS, all via the MoEngage platform. Using MoEngage, S’More was able to map the customer onboarding journey, conduct targeted A/B testing to understand customers’ likes and dislikes, learn when customers need more attention and why, and send hyper-personalized content that helps customers find the relationships they’ve been looking for.

MoEngage’s technology platform has been directly responsible for a 65% increase in app engagement time, as well as a 15% increase in app onboarding for new users.
“MoEngage’s ability to use real-time cohort data to drive specific activity on S’More is unique,” says said S’More CEO, Adam Cohen Aslatei. “Reaching the right customer, with the right content, at the right time is paramount for a robust customer relationship strategy and when done correctly helps to scale a network effect business like S’More seamlessly. ”

Judges’ View:
“Solid, data-driven messaging reduces churn and helps app users get more from the app. Good results too, and an excellent video to describe the product, tech and USPs.” 


Most Effective Entertainment App Campaign


S’More and MoEngage -Operation Personalization & App Engagement

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