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Gold Fish Casino Slots by Sciplay and Yellowhead

The Jade Monkey Campaign

Campaign Overview

Games developer Sciplay tasked its advertising partner yellowHEAD to produce a fresh collection of creatives produce a fresh collection of creatives for Gold Fish Casino Slots, an underwater mobile casino game that offers digital versions of slot machines from the Las Vegas floors on mobile devices. Gold Fish needed high-performing ad content that would improve ROAS, increase engagement, and drive high-value conversions. At the same time, the developer wanted to maximize the potential of existing creative already in its advertising ecosystem.

The UA experts at yellowHEAD proposed a solution that unified art and data. The team would leverage Alison, yellowHEAD’s proprietary machine learning platform, to maximize the value of existing creative assets. Alison works by using data derived from proprietary computer vision technology and machine learning algorithms to help marketers understand which colours, music, text and characters drive the greatest campaign performance on platforms like Facebook, Google, and Snapchat. In doing so, it turns what has historically been a strictly human process into one that can be quantified, analyzed, and optimized.

For the Gold Fish campaign, Alison would identify distinct creative elements in use across all the ads, such as characters, animation sequences, and backgrounds. Next, it would translate these elements into discrete data sets based on historical performance. Finally, it would use this data to measure the impact that specific creative elements had on Sciplay’s upper and lower-funnel KPIs, in this case day-7 return on investment (D7 ROI) and average revenue per paying user (ARPPU).

Alison would then translate these data-driven observations into intelligent recommendations to produce the best possible creative. With a clear strategy in place, yellowHEAD’s creative team, yellowSTUDIO, would undertake a creative iteration process, working primarily from existing assets to maximize value.
After scanning existing creatives, Alison recommended a cinemagraph creative, similar to a gif, to capture user attention. It also recommended a specific background – a room theme of “The Jade Monkey” – given its strong historical performance. It also recommended an animation sequence in which casino slot reels spun non-stop in the background. The yellowHEAD team then assembled the new creative into an Android ad campaign and tracked its performance for two months.

Over that period, the new Jade Monkey creative generated more than 100 per cent increases in D7 ROI, ARPPU and first-time deposit conversions.

Additionally, Alison then suggested featuring an “Add a win” moment for iOS, which delivered a further 21.5 per cent increase in D7 ROI. A great campaign showing the power of fusing creativity and AI.

Judges’ View: “The quantification of creative performance is an exceptionally clever yet tricky tactic to deploy, however the team at yellowHEAD seem to have worked in harmony to drive amazing outcomes and value for the brand. Smart technology driving excellent results.”


Most Effective Use of Data


Gold Fish Casino Slots by Sciplay and Yellowhead – The Jade Monkey Campaign

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